1. What is Isuzu's Web site Privacy Policy?
Our privacy policy can be accessed throughout our site or by clicking on the link supplied here.

2. Where is my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) located?
The most common place to find a VIN is on a plate attached to the top of the dashboard on the driver's side. The tag is designed to be visible through the windshield from outside the vehicle.

3. Where is my nearest Isuzu Service Facility?
Please refer to our dealer locator.

4. How can I contact Isuzu Motors America, LLC?
If you would like to reach us by phone, contact Owner Relations at (800) 255-6727. If you would like to send correspondence regarding your vehicle, include a brief letter of explanation, VIN, daytime phone number, current mileage and legible copies of supporting documentation, and mail to:

Isuzu Motors America, LLC
1400 S. Douglass Road, Suite 100
Anaheim, CA 92806
Attn: Owner Relations

5. How do I obtain a recall clearance letter?
Our Owner Relations department can assist you. Please contact them at (800) 255-6727.

6. I've heard that there are certain trademark issues when putting company names and logos on personal Web sites. What is Isuzu's trademark policy?
Isuzu Motors America, LLC has created the following guidelines on the correct way to use Isuzu's trademarks. This guide shows how and where they can be used.

Isuzu Trademark Guidelines

Isuzu prides itself in its quality products and in the high standards its trademarks represent. Because of this attitude, and the loyalty and enthusiasm of our customers, Isuzu must act diligently to protect its trademarks. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you help us accomplish this protection.

What are the Isuzu trademarks?
The Isuzu trademarks include the following:
  • The word ISUZU in block or stylized letters
  • The names of specific Isuzu product models
  • Any combinations of the above or similar marks
Where can they be used?
  • Within text, including discussion of Isuzu products (positive or negative), to identify the company or its products
  • On photos of Isuzu products (make sure you own or have permission to use these photos)
  • With our permission (see below)
How can Isuzu trademarks be used?
  • Please identify a registered Isuzu trademark by placing a ® or (R) symbol right next to the mark
  • Please prominently place on the home page of your Web site the following disclaimer: ISUZU and the names of specific Isuzu products are trademarks of Isuzu Motors Limited or Isuzu Motors America, LLC, which are not affiliated with, do not sponsor or endorse, and are not responsible for the content of this Web site
  • Please get expressed prior written permission from Isuzu before using any of the Isuzu trademarks:
    1. In a title, in a heading, or as a graphic on a Web page
    2. In a URL or domain name, since this kind of use could make Web visitors believe they are accessing an Isuzu-sponsored site
    3. In the HTML code of your site in the form of meta tags, since this kind of use can mislead search engines to direct users to a site they may think is operated or sponsored by Isuzu

To get written permission:

Mail Us:
Isuzu Motors America, LLC
1400 S. Douglass Road, Suite 100
Anaheim, CA 92806
Attn: Customer Relations

Isuzu Logos
Here is the Isuzu logo that you can copy from this Web site. Please refer to these guidelines when using these trademarks.

Isuzu Logo