Service / Maintenance
Preventative Care

Your Isuzu vehicle was designed to go farther while offering all the long-term utility and owner satisfaction you expect.

To help keep it that way, we suggest that you provide preventative care for your vehicle in addition to Isuzu's recommended minimum maintenance requirements. Doing so will help keep your vehicle looking new, guard against premature vehicle wear, help keep major repairs to a minimum and ensure the continued safety of your vehicle.

Below are some general tips for keeping your Isuzu vehicle in superior condition. Details and comprehensive preventative care instructions can be found in your Isuzu owner's manual.

Regular Owner Checkups
The recommended service intervals of Isuzu vehicles minimize overall operating costs and require less downtime for service and repairs. However, because automotive problems can and do happen, we recommend that you stay aware of your Isuzu vehicle's status between services and help keep it in excellent condition by attending to any problems or concerns as soon as possible. Follow these simple suggestions:

At each fuel stop:
A vehicle's engine and tires are two of its most critical operating components. To help ensure they operate reliably, efficiently and safely, it's a good idea to check engine oil and tire air pressure levels at every fuel stop, or once per week. Refer to your owner's manual for specific information, including the recommended oil type for your vehicle and conditions.

Once a month:
Maintaining other fluids at their proper levels and changing at recommended intervals is equally important to your vehicle's ongoing good health. Consult the owner's manual for guidelines related to automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid. Check exterior lights for operation as well, and replace bulbs as required.

Maintaining Good Appearances:
Keeping your Isuzu vehicle washed and protected inside and out will help preserve its appearance and value over time. This is easier than ever due to Isuzu's use of advanced, durable clearcoat paint finishes and specially developed interior trim components. Your owner's manual provides great guidance for cleaning and maintaining the various components and materials used in your vehicle.